Iateapie.net features supermarket finds in the diet, natural and organic food aisles. Our mantra is “This is what food products really look like.”

Founder & Editor

Tanya Patrice @ Iateapie.netTanya Patrice – a 30 something // food scientist // dreadlocked superhero // avid reader // hiker // road bike warrior // upstate NY dweller but firmly rooted in the Caribbean sand & sea (from the island of Jamaica).

I have a PhD in Food Science and Nutrition from Auburn University and a M.S. in Food Science from Clemson University. Currently I’m the Quality Control Manager for a beverage manufacturer.

Iateapie.net is where I share my explorations of the supermarket selves and the products that catch my eye. I am a food industry professional and I’m excited and passionate about what happens in my field.

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